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Our kitten and puppy site.


Still have to work this site up.


Still have to work this site but have a first rough cut up now.






Winter On the Down Side I Hope

Hope winter will end soon. Last few weeks have been a pain with all the snow getting stuff done outside,

Lots of new puppies around the house and more coming we think.

Looking forward to Spring and gardening outside.

Possible Upcoming Events

 Tree Planting Party Apirl or May 2013 Date to be determined

Strawberry Party June 2013 Date to be determined

Yard Sale July Long Weekend

Raspberry Party July 2013 Date to be determined

Yard Sale August 2013 Long Weekend

Corn Roast September 2013 Long Weekend


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Contact Information

FAX only on request
Postal address
8321 Lander Rd.,
Gore's Landing, On. K0K 2E0
Electronic mail
General Information: ross@jrhughes.ca

MapQuest Link: click here

We all live in an old farm house overlooking Rice Lake. We are about:

  • 15 minutes North of Cobourg or Port Hope,
  • 30 minutes from Peterborough
  • 45 from Oshawa.
  • 1 hr from Belleville,
  • 1 - 2 hrs from Toronto and Kingston depending on traffic,