In Memory of Tippy


Hi I'm Tippy and someone stole me from my family.

Bear and Tippy messing around. One day I will add the story of how she got Bear lost for a day and a half when he was a pup. And came walking down the neighbour's driveway with a duck in her mouth.

Tippy with Sweetie playing around on the May long weekend. Carmen taking pics too with her new Iphone.
Tippy and her second tree. The first tree was  losing branches and the raccoons liked to hang out in it and bug Tippy at night. So we had it taken down and moved her to this tree for the summer. My neighbour Serge said he liked her there too as she barked when people went to his house.

Tippy is chowing down.


Hey There!

I'm just chilling around the house for a bit.

Chats don't bug me and neither do the little yapping Shih Tzu.

Wish St. Pepper would get over me. I am really not interested in him any dog.

I don't want to breed puppies I just want to bark and run after car tires.

Also the odd Chipmunk makes a tasty treat for me.

Bug I really love chewing up Ross's equipment and scratching up his vehicles when he isn't looking. Just like  to think of it as my form of art work..  ha ha ha ha

Shoe are too smelly for me to chew on and not as expensive as the stuff I find.

More information on how Tippy went missing and who might have taken her will be posted soon. The more people looking for her the sooner she will be home. Will be posting some photos of her locally as soon as I get some ink for our printer.

"A couple people locally have been asking to buy her from us in the last month. One is an Eastern European woman living near the lake with her brother. She drives a greyish vehicle and they are in their late 60s or 70s. She had to be told repeatedly that Tippy was not for sale. We fear that if she took Tippy she has her locked inside so people will not see her and Tippy loves to be outside. We have been regularly checking the area for Tippy and will continue to do so."

I will prosecute the person who took Tippy even if the OPP chose not to. I have many years of experience prosecuting fraudsters and the contacts to help me if need be. Carmen and our whole family and friends miss her as do the other dogs.

That is it for now more to add later.


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